Tadelakt and Natural Clay plasters

Courses in Tadelakt and natural clay plasters.

The craft of Tadelakt comes from Marrakech in Morrocco, using lime from The Marrakech Plateau. The word ‘tadelakt’ comes from the Moroccan ‘to rub in’, as during the application of this plaster it needs to be continually rubbed with a smooth stone. The resulting finish is layered and smooth and with the application of an olive oil based soap completely water resisitant. As such it is used mainly in bathrooms and kitchens and allows the artisan to form there own naturally looking baths, sinks and showers. In my opinion it is without doubt the most beautiful and organic plaster finish in the world, and it is 100% natural.

Natural clay plasters, as well as lime plasters, can be used as an alternative to toxic paints in traditional houses as well as the plaster of choice for sustainable builds. Mixtures of coloured clays, or natural pigments, allow a wide variety of choice of colour but the main benefit of natural plasters is that it allows the walls to breathe, removing damp naturally from walls.


Tadelakt and natural plasters 22nd - 24th April 2016

This workshop includes an overview of natural plasters, including their life cycle, the ingredients and mixing techniques as well as guided hands on experience of applying and finishing Tadelakt on both a demonstration brick to take home and a an adobe wall. The course is aimed at professionals as much as for those with no prior building experience but who want to create stunning smooth surfaces in their futures.

Sleeping is in tents, with outdoor showers and toilets on site and breakfast and lunch included with the course. There is a communal kitchen and living room at the finca for the use of everyone.

Maximum number of participants – 12

Cost – €130

Course conducted by the wonderful Paloma Folache and Sam Baxter

Internship in Eco-construction and Sustainable living 1st April - 8th May 2016

An immersion in sustainable building techniques and ideas for self sufficiency.

Participants will live and work at Finca La Tierra over the course of 5 and a half weeks learning from top to bottom what it takes to build their very own sustainable home. Students will participate in the building of a reciprocal roof and green roof, the building and sculpting of exterior walls and interior furniture using earth-bag, cob and adobe brick techniques, the laying of lime concrete floors and the making of adobe bricks as well as learn the mixing and use of natural lime and clay plasters. They will also participate in a 10day intensive combined Permaculture and sustainable architecture course, a 3 day Tadelakt course, as well as a four day ‘Rocket Mass Heater’ course.

Also included is an introduction to the principles of Permaculture, tips and advice on organically growing fruits and vegetables, on the keeping of chickens and the plants and mushrooms that can be foraged from natures abundance for food and natural medicines. The treatment of grey water and the building of self-composting toilets will also be taught.

Accommodation is on the beautiful grounds of Finca La Tierra, either in tents or in the finished domes themselves, with a self-composting toilet and an outdoor shower with stunning views provided (until we finish the bathroom inside). Breakfast and lunch are provided and everybody is expected to chip in with cooking and washing dishes as well as working in the vegetable patch and looking after the animals.

If you want to get your hands dirty, work with like-minded and relaxed people and play your part in creating and building a place of beauty then this internship might just be for you.

Maximum number of participants – 6

Cost – €750

Courses run by Sam Baxter, Helena Maristay,  Paloma Folache, and Pablo Bernaola


        Finca La Tierra         

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