Meet Sam Baxter, the man behind Finca La Tierra. A life spent travelling led to his passion for enviromental sustainabilty, tasty organic food and low impact living that have formed the basis of the idea behind the beautiful Finca La Tierra.

After graduating with a degree in Politics Sam Baxter worked as a fisherman in Western Australia where he first felt his love of the Ocean and experienced first hand humanities carelessness in protecting it’s resources. He worked then as a Scuba diving instructor in Australia, Indonesia, Spain, Honduras and the Caribean island of Curacao for a number of years. It was here he developed skills as an educator, always hoping that if his students fell in love with the sea and nature then they would help to protect it.

In 2012 he started work on his dream of living in a low impact sustainable homestead and with the help of many volunteers, many students and many friends what started out as a small project has evolved into the Finca La Tierra school.

Call Sam on +34 635 801051 to experience living in a superadobe house

Sam Baxter

Call Sam on +34 689 840072 to discuss a rental or course