Alfonso Zavala and Paloma Folache of Arquitectura & Color

In my opinion the most accomplished specialists in natural plasters in Spain, Paloma and Alfonso bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the courses they teach. Dedicated to the use of only natural, breathable materials like clay and lime they have taught me, as well as countless others, the importance understanding the materials you use and allowing the material itself to bring out its beauty. In a plaster finish like Tadelakt it is in it’s imperfections that lies perfection. A course with these two is not to be missed.

Babara Mas and Quique Salgado of Domoterra

With over 35 separate domes built Barbara and Quique are without doubt the most experienced builders and teachers of Superadobe in Spain. Over the past 2 years we have run a number of intensive superadobe training courses here at Finca La Tierra and what I have learnt with and through them has been invaluable. Their dedication in the use of non-toxic materials has been an inspiration and their knowledge of traditional building techniques, like lime based mortars and renders as well as adobe brick making is vast. If your interest lies in sustainable building using earth and lime then a course with Domoterra is not to be missed.

Elena our Permaculture Specialist

A avid climber and free climber who has scaled many of the highest peaks of Spain Elena has brought her love of the wild and the beauty she sees in nature to focus on Permaculture and sustainable living. A bit of a jack of all trades, Elena’s knowledge varies from plant gathering to make natural medicines and microbiology, to straw bale construction and organic gardening. A walk through the countryside after a course with Elena will never be the same again.

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